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Carpet and Tile & Grout Cleaning
Carpet Steam/Stain Cleaning & Repairs

Our carpet cleaning service uses hot water extractions ranging from 190 to 250 degrees. This cleaning method allows us to remove dirt, spots, and odors. We use professional techniques to properly break any bonds of any stains like red, black, gum, pet urine, etc. stains using a PH scale for special chemicals when it comes to removing these stains. We also use special equipment to properly like all dirt and debris to make the steam cleaning more effectively. Our steam cleaning equipment breaks apart stains and extracts the particles entirely, leaving you with perfectly cleaned flooring that looks great and is safe for your family.  We also make sure to deodorize your carpet with a special deodorant smell and agitate it through out the carpet to make sure your carpet has a longer life span and smells good for a very long time.

However, there sometimes where the carpets fabrication hasn't been well taken care of and might require a carpet stretching or even a carpet repair. When dealing with this we have to identify how much carpet will need to be replaced and even see if the pad has to be replaced. This is very important due to having to match the carpet and making sure all lamination and fibers match in the same direction they were placed.


Carpet agitation and deodorized to make it last longer!


When dealing with any carpet cleaning or tile & grout cleaning we put corner covers on every corner and the corners of furniture to make sure they wont ruin when we extend all hoses throughout the property. This is important because we don't want to ruin any paint, material or even any delicacy from building materials or furniture. If your in need of a professional and reputable carpet or tile & grout cleaning company contact us today for a free evaluation! 

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

When it comes to that beautiful tile and grout, maintaining it can be hard due to the delicacy of the type of flooring it is. Our experts are trained to properly get rid of any stains, dirt, debris, etc. on your tile and grout using special chemicals and techniques to clean it. We also use special equipment to make sure we can extract all the steam water being used to clean it without damaging the floor. When cleaning tile and grout, out methods consist of a steam clean which can also help its longevity and life span last longer and look better. For corners we hand clean the using special chemicals and hand scrub them with special sponges that wont scratch your tile, but will clean them properly including the grout. None of these pre-spray chemicals or any chemicals to remove stains will be left due to the extraction techniques we use. At the end we always make sure we also deodorize the tile and grout to make sure it's an appropriate smell for anyone who's present when walking across this recently steamed cleaned tile and grout. 


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