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Deep Cleaning & Housekeeping

When deep cleaning a home we make sure we dust off all of all surfaces from top to bottom. We make sure we truly deep clean all surfaces including window blinds, windows, doors, trims, ceiling fans, air vents, closets, cabinets, floors, etc. This is important to make your property look presentable and also helps prevent any health issues caused by dust. Dust control is our specialty especially when cleaning them in crevices or small areas where dust is present. We also make sure to leave all surfaces shining with special chemicals that will not ruin those surfaces finishes and materials. When someone is moving in or out we also make their house look as new as possible with the deep cleaning because every detail matters to these clients. In commercial buildings we take the time to make that workspace as clean as possible in order to make it as comfortable possible to work in piece. Whats piece of mind without having a clean property, call today for a quote to clean your property!

All surfaces are shined and cleaned thoroughly from all dust and debris!

Detail cleaning have an amazing outcome after using the products used by professionals!

When using chemicals we make sure to read all labels of proper use, we also make sure we use the right amount of PH level on the scale as recommended to make sure we don't ruin any surfaces or finishes on the structure. These chemicals also have a deodorizer to make these surfaces smell better and make it more comfortable for the client's property. Prior to using any chemicals we dry wipe using micro-fiber towels or vacuum with a HEPA filtered vacuum to make sure all dust is picked up and controlled.

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