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Retaining Walls have become a very popular addition to many homes and properties! They serve many purposes like setting a border line from one property to another, retaining any slope or dirt, a beautiful designed wall instead of railroad tie, etc. Our team consists of experienced, creative and top tier quality workers that can build a very unique and beautiful retaining wall! We guarantee you the best work in the DFW Metroplex because we have all the latest equipment, the best laborers, and the best designs when it comes to these retaining walls. If your interested for your home or business to get a retaining wall, call or book with us today!


Our Retaining Wall Services consist of us digging up footings at first in order to put very big stones and pour cement with it in order for it to have a firm foundation. After that we handpick all the stones that have a beautiful texture and face , so that can be presented in the front and all the other stones that are bigger with no type of nice texture gets thrown behind the ones in front mixing it all with cement so it can sit tight and not move at all. After we pass a wire brush with a thick 4 inch paint brush in order for it to look detailed. We also add drain holes for the water to flow out of. We do both commercial and residential properties and follow all building codes and regulations to ensure that your retaining wall is done not only beautifully, but properly! If your interested in our retaining wall services call or book with us today!


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