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Storm Water from heavy rain entered this home and we extracted the water then quickly got to drying it in order to put it through the restoration process asap!

Flood Damage Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration includes services like any Flood Damage Clean-up and Restoration, Storm Damage Clean-up and Restoration, or Mold Damage Removal and Restoration. When there's a flood of standing water the first thing you want to do is remove, and then start with the restoration process in order to try and salvage all damaged areas and materials.  Storm Damage Clean-Up and Restoration can be a very chaotic situation because any storm water that enters your property can be very hazardous, so you want to get us out there to remove all that hazardous water out of there as soon as possible and commence the restoration process quickly. When there's any mold detected in your property you will need our Mold Damage Removal and Restoration Process which is very important because mold present can cause any illness including cancer to the human body system which is why you need it removed from your property as soon as possible and restored.

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A flood entered this home so we quickly extracted the standing water and we dried out the floor using floor mats to take out all moisture from subfloor to ensure this property was dry!

Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration:

Whenever there's standing water and a flood in your home, we can be there in less than an hour to extract any water standing in your home, remove, clean up, and restore any damaged material possible. Flood water that stays present for a longer time from when it originated then it can cause a more contaminated water that is hazardous for your health, so call us as soon as possible to get this flood water extracted and start the dry out and restoration process in your property as soon as possible!

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration:

Whenever there's a thunderstorm and that water goes inside your property we consider this contaminated and hazardous water because it picks up debris from outside. Whenever this happens don't panic and call us because we're trained for these situations, we will make sure all this storm water gets cleaned up and that your property goes through a proper drying assessment and restoration process to make sure no contamination or hazard water are in your home. We make sure your property is back to it's original state prior to any storm water damages!

Mold Damage Removal and Restoration:

Whenever water sits in your property for a while it causes moisture in the air which the building material in your property absorbs causing mold. Mold is a very dangerous thing to have in your home because it's harmful to your health and can also cause cancer if it isn't treated in time! Our team is trained and certified to follow all IICRC OSHA guidelines to properly remove and restore your property from mold!

Our teams are certified and trained to help you in any situation that involves your home being prone to water damage! We're also serving the DFW Metroplex 24/7, 365 days to help your chaos! Call us today for any of these needs and we will be there in less than an hour!

Call Us Today to Help You In Any Chaotic Events Happening to Your Home or Business!

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