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Countertop and Bathtub Resurfacing

Countertop Resurface

Our epoxy finishes will make your countertops look like new! We can remove chips, burns, or cuts and add the desired finish to your counter. We can apply these finishes in many colors and techniques to give your countertops your desired look. We apply primer when necessary and then start with the base paint and start designing with other paints as requested by the property owner. After applying all paint we apply a clear coat to make the countertop look better and have a longevity life span. These finishes are used with special products to make sure these countertops are in their best conditions!

The resurfacing process!

When resurfacing, repairing, and restoring countertops or bathtubs it is important to make sure all work areas are properly covered and contained to prevent any overspray to get on any other building material or contents from the property. We make sure we take our time to cover and prep these areas to protect all material and personal belongings.

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Bathtub/Tile Resurfacing

Bathtub / Tile Reglazing and Refinish

No need to replace; old bathtubs can be beautiful again while keeping that extra change in your pocket. We repair chips, cracks, and rough surfaces on your bathtub. We also make sure the tile and grout are repaired and refinished in your bathtub enclosure. Once finished, refinished surfaces are easier to keep clean. This helps because it also helps your tubs longevity life span last longer and makes it look new! We use many techniques to make sure we leave your tub looking excellent. We also cover everything to prevent any secondary damages to the rest of the structure that can be cause by overspray. We make sure that your tub and enclosure are restored to make your bathroom look amazing!


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