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Our Pergola/ Patio Services are services we offer for a beautiful shaded closed spot in your backyard, front yard, porch, or wherever you'd find it appealing for these new additions. We usually start from the ground up from pouring the cement to a new concrete slab and set the post for the addition. We then follow all code regulations in order to properly build the ceiling, roof, and any other details like electrical system etc. We are the best in the DFW Metroplex because we have the best experienced, creative and top tier quality worker in our team that's ready to tackle any project that comes our way! If your interested in a new pergola or patio addition for your home, call or book with us today for a quote!

Our team can do it all! These additions were custom made and all wood is cedar which makes it look nicer and stands out more! Cedar wood is good for outdoors because it doesn't rot due to the nature of it and we also stain it with some natural cedar stains in order for it to last longer as well. We start from the bottom up with the cement slab for a firm foundation and also leave the post ready to start framing out the pergola or patio. At the end we do all details like fan, lights or any electrical lines needed to be ran through the addition. We take pride in our work as if these additions were to be added to our own homes which is what sets us apart from all competition. We make sure to provide the best top tier work and that you feel satisfied with your new addition, so if your interested in a pergola or patio addition, then call or book today for a quote!

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